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We built nDash to attract and reward the world's best freelance writers by putting them in control of their rates, their terms and their clients. Sound interesting? 

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Browse our growing database of companies (from startups to Fortune 500s) and land new, high-profile clients.

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Don't wait for work to come to you. Proactively pitch companies unique content ideas to get on their radar.

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Sick of content mills? So were we. Here's a quick look at how we're different from other freelance platforms...

Set Your Own Rates

Forget about starting off with an arbitrary 1-star rating, earning two cents per word. You're better than that (we hope). At nDash, we know that you've worked hard to get to where you are, and we don't want our platform to set you back, which is why we let you set your own rates from day one. 


Pitch New Prospects

nDash is not a bidding site. Work is awarded to the most creative and knowledgeable writers -- not the cheapest writers. You can pitch content ideas to clients and prospects directly, or submit content pitches to broader categories and start filling your pipeline immediately.

Write To Your Strengths

Stop spending hours researching topics that you're unfamiliar with, and frankly, aren’t that interested in. At nDash, we understand that great content comes from insights and experience, which is why we want you to write about topics you already know and are passionate about.


communicate with Clients

How can you write great content for a person or company who you don’t actually know? Answer: You can’t. Our platform offers complete transparency and easy communication between you and your clients. No more anonymity.

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