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Hack the Entrepreneur: Podcast with Founder Michael Brown

Starting and running a business is often seen as a tactical, logistical endeavor. But as Michael Brown discussed in a recent Hack the Entrepreneur podcast, it’s also a highly creative process. If you’re interested in hearing about the backstory – and gaining some startup insights/inspiration along the way – you’ll definitely want to give this interview a listen. Enjoy!

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Dumb Questions for Brilliant Marketers: Melissa Stevens, Director of Digital Marketing at BitSight Technologies

When it comes to questions about account-based marketing, KPIs, the sales-marketing gap, and fake enthusiasm for standing desks, few people are as qualified to answer them as Melissa Stevens, the director of digital strategy at BitSight Technologies. Lucky for you, she's the latest guest in our ongoing series, Dumb Questions for Brilliant Marketers. Enjoy! 

Read More Writer Spotlight: Kristi Porter

We're really proud of our content community here at nDash so, needless to say, we're ecstatic to highlight a writer each week on our blog through our Writer Spotlight Series. This week we'd like to introduce you to Kristi Porter, a freelance writer who is very passionate writing about social enterprises! 

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Dumb Questions for Brilliant Marketers: Daniel Glickman, CMO at Roojoom

Another week, another list of dumb questions for brilliant marketers. This week's guest is none other than Daniel Glickman, the Chief Marketing Officer at Roojoom. If that name sounds familiar, it's probably because Daniel is a prolific author, speaker and marketing thought leader. In this Q&A, we fire off some questions related to startup marketing, the ineffectiveness of self-serving content, marketing skills gaps, alternate universes, fake Scottish accents and more. Enjoy! 

Read More Writer Spotlight: Melanie LoBue

We personally have enjoyed working with Melanie (check out the article she wrote for us, 5 Roadblocks to Consistent Content Creation here), so we're ecstatic to introduce you to her as well in our latest installment of the Writer Spotlight Series! And hey, maybe you'll even enjoy singing some Tina Turner karaoke with her in the near future.

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New Feature for nDash Writers: Pitch Stats and Pitch Probability

There’s no shortage of freelance writing sites. We discovered this back in our agency days when, in an effort to scale, we went looking for a platform that could connect us with the high-end writing talent our clients demanded. Despite lots of options, our search ultimately came up short. In response, we decided to launch our own platform—one that would attract and reward the very best freelance writers.

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New Feature on Content Sources

“What am I going to write about today?” Back in my content creation days, this was a question I asked myself every morning. And it was a question I answered (partially, anyway) by scanning the latest headlines for relevant new stories.

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Dumb Questions for Brilliant Marketers: Amahl Williams, VP of Smarketing at Pluris Marketing

Over the last several years, those of us here at nDash have met, conversed and collaborated with some of the brightest minds in marketing. It recently dawned on us that, although these interactions have been a goldmine of knowledge for us personally, they did nothing for our audience. What a shame! Here to change that is our new series which we hope you'll enjoy: Dumb Questions for Brilliant Marketers. 

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How to Use Content to Beat Your Competition

This post was written by's CEO Mike Brown and was originally published on the blog.

Business is largely defined by competition. You compete on features and price. You compete for territories and market share. You compete for customers. Before that can happen, however, you must first compete for the eyes and ears of your target audience.

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Thinking About a Market Research Survey to Drive Your Content Strategy? Here’s How the Process Works

Market research is often thought of as a way to collect data to improve internal processes. Organizations typically use market research to answer the following questions. “How would our customers rate our customer service?” “Why do our customers choose our product or service?” “How likely would our customers be to recommend our company?” This type of market research is rarely shared outside the organization’s walls.

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