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What Should Your Content Marketing Budget Be?

Once upon a time, there was a marketing department that didn’t know what their content marketing budget should be. Try as they might, they couldn’t seem to figure out what the appropriate amount was to allocate to their content creation needs.

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If you're looking for a writer who's passionate about modern technology (cloud, mobile, IoT) then you've come to the right blog post. In the latest installment of our on-going Writer Spotlight series, you'll get to know a little bit about Chris Hardee. Enjoy! 

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In the latest installment of our Writer Spotlight series, we get to know one of nDash's top B2B tech bloggers, Lea Rabinowitz. To get her thoughts on content creation, marketing trends and more, be sure to check this quick interview below. If you're interested in having her write for your brand, be sure to sign in (or sign up) to the nDash platform

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nDash Platform Feature Updates (2.8.17)

What's new in the nDash platform? I'm glad you asked. Thanks to some great feedback (both writers and brands) we're excited to highlight several new features designed to make content creation even easier. Let's take a look....

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Working Anonymously: Why Is This Still a Thing?

Think of all the professions that require anonymity. The list is pretty short: CIA agent, the Phantom Chef and…um…escorts, I suppose. That’s basically it. For all other professions, especially content creators, anonymity just gets in the way.

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If you're look for stale, boring content, then Maison Piedfort - the comedy copywriter - is probably not the writer for you. In this week's Writer Spotlight, you'll learn about Maison's freelance writing preferences, her ideal clients, and why she's known to have a good cry in an empty Starbucks cup every now and again. Oh, and if you'd like to hire her to write engaging content for your brand, you know where to find her

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Our Favorite Ways to Save Time on Marketing

You come in to the office, check a few emails, and then you’re heads down creating content for the next 7 hours, free of all distractions.  Doesn’t sound like a typical day, does it? It probably doesn’t sound like a particularly fun day either.

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This week for our Writer's Spotlight Series, we'd like to introduce you to Kelly Vo, one of the most active and versatile freelance writers in the platform. To date, she's created a wide range of content on topics like marketing strategy, cloud technology, real estate sales and more. Learn more about her below or hire her on the nDash platform.

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In the latest installment of our Writer's Spotlight series, we go back and forth with Andrew Sanders, one of the most successful (and active) writers in the nDash platform. To date, Andrew has written highly technical content for some of the world's leading security, cloud and telecommunications brands. Learn more about him below or hire him on the nDash platform

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5 Roadblocks to Consistent Content Creation

Before we chat about content creation roadblocks (primarily the lack of content creation ideas, but also financial concerns, procrastination, what-have-you) let’s first make sure we all agree that as business owners with an online presence we absolutely need consistent content creation and delivery methods.

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