Common Questions

Answers to frequently asked questions about building your content community through the platform.

Q: Why do you need me to sign up with LinkedIn?
A: We use LinkedIn to verify that you’re an employee of the company being signed up. We do this to keep the platform free of anonymity. We want everyone (both writers and companies) to be known to each other…because working with strangers sucks.

Q: How are assignments started in the platform?
A: There are two ways assignments are started on nDash. You can either accept a pitch that a writer has sent, or you can create an assignment and send it directly to a writer (or post it as an open assignment and writers will apply). 

Q: What are pitches?
A: A pitch that a writer sends to your brand consists of a title, a 2-3 sentence abstract and supporting source links (if relevant).  Pitches are based off of the information you include in your group profile, which outlines the type of content ideas you’re looking for so a writer can onboard themselves onto your brand and pitch you content ideas that support your overall marketing and sales goals.

Q: How are payments made in the nDash platform?
A: By credit card via Stripe, the world's most secure payment processing platform..

Q: If I don’t have a company credit card, is there another way to make payments?
A: You can fund your account up front. For more information, contact us at

Q: How much does content cost within nDash?
A: That price point is completely up to you. We don’t have a limit on how much (or how little) to spend.

Q: What is the review process in nDash?
A: You are connected directly with the writer in our assignment thread, and can go back and forth with that writer on edits until it has met your expectations. nDash stays out of reviews for individual assignments. 

Q: So I can talk directly to the writer?
A: Yes, at nDash we believe in complete transparency. This means not only are you able to chat with the writer via the assignment thread in the platform, but we also encourage our customers to set up content calls with the writer to ensure they’re on the same page before continuing forward with a piece of content.

Q: How many people can I add to my brand account?
A: As many as you want. Once you have created an account, you could add every single person from your company to the account if you wanted.

Q: Does my profile have to be public to writers?
A: No, once you create an account you have an option to make your brand page private. However, this will also mean that writers will be unable to find you and send you pitches. A privacy level is best served if you solely want to create assignments and send them to writers, and have zero desire to receive pitches.

Q: If I want to add a client to the platform, how can I make a public page for them?
A: There are two ways to add your clients to nDash. The first is to create a separate account using their email and invite yourself as user. The second is to create your client as a subgroup on your account. Your client’s profile will look the same to writers and you’ll have all the same functionality. It’s really about how you and your client would like to manage the account.

Q: Can my company have multiple accounts?
A: Yes, when you try to sign up a company that already has an account you will be notified that an account already exists. In this case you can ask to join that account if you’d prefer. If you’d still like to create a separate account you can click to do so. This is helpful if two separate divisions of your company will be working with different budgets, audiences or writers.

Q: Does every assignment within this platform have to be a pitch, or can I assign content for ideas my brand has already come up with?
A: You can absolutely assign content ideas your brand has already generated. In our experience pitching is one of the most effective ways to gauge level of experience, but they don’t need to prevent you from using your own content.

Q: Once a writer has turned in an assignment, am I able to ask for edits?
A: Yes, within the assignment thread you can request edits from the freelance writer. However, the number of days you have to request edits from that writer is dependent upon your subscription tier. List the number of edits you’d like to have in the assignment details, in notes section or anywhere else to let the writer know that’s what they’re agreeing to. Even after an assignment has been approved a writer may want to make additional edits, but avoid explicating asking for more than the agreed upon amount.