nDash for Agencies

If you’re looking to provide content marketing services to your clients, the nDash Partner Program is for you! We’ll give you the tools, marketing collateral and writers you need to sell and scale content creation – and you’ll get all the credit.

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Delivering quality written content to your clients can be difficult. Hiring and retaining writers, scaling your content services and coming up with content ideas can all stall your growth. nDash aims to solve all that.

nDash’s Content Community Platform allows you to create and manage unique profiles for each of your clients so you can receive content pitches, hire freelance writers and whitelabel the work you deliver to customers.

By joining the nDash Partner Program we’ll give you additional tools to help your content marketing services succeed. You’ll receive:

  • Educational programs that help you structure and sell content marketing services
  • Marketing collateral to help sell content marketing
  • Internal agency resources we’ve developed through years of offering content services
  • Listing in our partner directory
  • Leads from our growing list of clients looking for support

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The nDash Difference

  • Former Agency: nDash.co was built off the success of nDash Marketing, our former content marketing agency. As a former agency we understand the challenges you face and have designed our solution to help you solve them. All of our resources and education also stem from years of growing not just our client-base but the agency partners we provided content for. These agency partners have helped prove the success agencies can see with outsourcing content.
  • Pitches: The best way to get your agency clients to write more content is to give them content ideas. But if your content team doesn’t have the time or expertise to create great content pitches, it can be difficult to keep your clients engaged. With an nDash profile, your client’s company group will receive content pitches from experienced freelancers and you only pay for the ones your client likes.
  • Higher Quality Writers: Unlike traditional crowdsourcing platforms whose writers benefit from being generalists, nDash’s content community is filled with specialists who focus on specific topics and industries. When your agency needs an expert writer in a specific industry it is easy to find them. Now you can tell any prospective client, “we have a guy for that.”

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